Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Paranormal Activity 3

This review is very late but I thought at least you might read it before you rent the DVD.
I watched Paranormal Activity 3 in the theater with a few friends. I don’t really care much for scary movies for the most part. They seem to have very low budgets, bad actors and for the most part they aren’t even that scary.

Paranormal Activity 3 has a pretty good production value and decent actors. The main problem I found with the movie is that it was very slow. I found myself nodding off at times. Because Paranormal Activity 3, like many other horror films is filmed in a Blair Witch project style, all the cameras are either in the actors hands or on a tripod. This seems at first like an interesting idea, but after having to watch the same two rooms from the same angle for an hour and a half you get sick of fixed cameras.

I also found the story a bit hard to follow. I admit I haven’t see the other two films but the friends I was watching it with seemed to have as little idea what was going on as I did, even though they had seen all the movies in the trilogy.

Over all I would give it a 3/5

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