Saturday, August 27, 2011

My Driving Experiences

I am approaching the age of 16. I will so be going through a rite of passage which most people of my age will do as well. I will be granted the privilege to drive, but this means much more than just being able to drive. Getting my license will open many doors that in the past were closed to me. Being able to drive brings me one step closer to becoming a self efficient adult.

Having the license is the fun part, getting the license is the boring part. In the state of Illinois you must complete 30 hours of driver’s education classes, six hours of driving with an instructor, 50 hours of driving with your parents ten of which must be at night, and have your permit for at least nine months. Your permit is given to you at the start of the driver’s education class. Your permit lets you drive only with your parents.

The driver’s education classes are really only for the sake of the government. The 15 - two hours classes are made up of taking turns reading from the standard driver’s ed manual and filling out work sheets that are mostly meant to kill time. We always left 15 minutes early and always took a ten minute break. One day we were all so far ahead we spent all two hours of class watching The Wizard of Oz just because if we weren’t there the school would get in trouble.

Although driver’s ed was boring, I’ve been enjoying driving with my parents. I’ve learned tons of useful information. So far I’ve only driven two places that weren’t in our neighborhood. But I’m looking forward to more driving experiences.