Monday, October 3, 2011

L.A. Noire review

L.A. Noire is a third person detective game set in 1947. You play as cop named Cole Phelps who is promoted to a traffic detective shortly after the beginning of the game. Through the course of the game Cole is promoted to the homicide desk. While on his new job he is given the opportunity to investigate very iconic real world cases such as the black dahlia murders. As the game progresses you are transferred to vice, being moved around to different jobs makes for game play that’s fun and stays interesting.

RockStar (the game’s creator) always make good games and this is definitely no exception. But L.A. Noire is a bit strang for RockStar and for games in general. Using mocap technology to capture real actures faces and expressions gives the witnesses and suspects depth rarely seem in a video game. L.A. Noire combines action and detective work in suck away that you don’t feel as if you are only looking for clues and talking to suspects, but at the same time it isn’t all guns and bombs like so many other games are. This game will keep you thinking, very few games have as much problem solving with out getting boring.

I’d give it 9.5 and would strongly recommend it to any one wanting some problem solving and action set in beautiful 1940’s Los Angeles.

Trip To Chicago

Recently a few of my friends and I went downtown Chicago together. For most people this would have just been a normal train ride and a walk through Chicago, but to me it means more. To me it’s a sign that I’m leaving childhood and becoming an independent adult. This was my first time riding the train without an adult and my first time in the city without my parents.

While we were in the city we went to a few differnet places. Once me and my friends got off the train we started to make our way towards Millenium park. After hanging out there for a while we started to look for a place to get some food. We finaly decited to stop at Subway. By the time we finished it was time to get back on the train and start heading home.

Not having any one there to keep track of time, where we are going or how to get back definitely forced me to rely on my self much more. I found my self paying much more attention to street names, what time it is and when the next train is coming. It was a very fun day and I hope to do it again soon.

Rockford World War 2 Reenactment

I recently attended the Rockford World War 2 reenactment. Every year in Rockford ,IL hundreds of reenactors meet up in full World War 2 uniforms, complete with blank firing guns and all of the other standard 1940’s military gear. There are also many tanks, trucks, jeeps, motorcycles, and tons of other pieces from the period.

From the first moment you enter the reenactment you feel as if you have been sent back in time to the 1940’s during World War II. There is several sections at the reenactment: in the middle you have a town, to the one side you have the American forces and to the other you have the German army. As you walk around you are able to stop and talk to the reenactors, ask them questions and get very interesting answers back. Through out the day small battles are held between the Axis of power and the Allied forces. These skirmishes are typically fought by five to ten Americans and five to ten Germans. But at the end of the day there is the big final battle. This final battle is all out war, hundreds of soldiers running across the field, artillery guns being fired and massive tanks rolling through the field.

It feels like you’re watching a movie being filmed, it looked and sounded so good.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

My Driving Experiences

I am approaching the age of 16. I will so be going through a rite of passage which most people of my age will do as well. I will be granted the privilege to drive, but this means much more than just being able to drive. Getting my license will open many doors that in the past were closed to me. Being able to drive brings me one step closer to becoming a self efficient adult.

Having the license is the fun part, getting the license is the boring part. In the state of Illinois you must complete 30 hours of driver’s education classes, six hours of driving with an instructor, 50 hours of driving with your parents ten of which must be at night, and have your permit for at least nine months. Your permit is given to you at the start of the driver’s education class. Your permit lets you drive only with your parents.

The driver’s education classes are really only for the sake of the government. The 15 - two hours classes are made up of taking turns reading from the standard driver’s ed manual and filling out work sheets that are mostly meant to kill time. We always left 15 minutes early and always took a ten minute break. One day we were all so far ahead we spent all two hours of class watching The Wizard of Oz just because if we weren’t there the school would get in trouble.

Although driver’s ed was boring, I’ve been enjoying driving with my parents. I’ve learned tons of useful information. So far I’ve only driven two places that weren’t in our neighborhood. But I’m looking forward to more driving experiences.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Save The Internet!

Lately I’ve been thinking about the subject of internet neutrality. I’ve heard about it here and there but was never really sure what it meant. The way I understand it, AT&T and some other big internet providers are trying to make themselves the gatekeepers of the internet. The job of the internet providers is to move information back and forth between you and the web, but the rule is they can’t mess with it along the way. If they get what they want the internet will be like television. The providers will be allowed to sensor the content that passes through them. They will also charge you a high rate for your site to load at normal speed. You can also pay nothing and have your site load very slowly. We must fight for our freedom! Sign the petition and join the other 2 million people who are willing to work to keep their rights safe.

Save the internet.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Mine Craft

The question that some of you may be asking is “what is Mine Craft?” Well it’s a bit like life. Mine Craft has no ending, it’s more fun with your friends and with a little know how you can make ANY thing you want. When you start the game you wake up on the beach in a randomly generated infinitely big world. During the daytime you build your house, but when night falls the zombies come out. Some of them hit you, some shoot arrows and some blow up. You start by making a wood tool which leads to stone, iron, gold and so on. There’s no right or wrong way to build a house. To me a house might be a log cabin and to you it might be a bunker surrounded with lava. Some people could play for ten minutes and be bored, some could play and play and never get bored.

One of the many great things about Mine Craft is that if you don’t like something you can find a mod to fix it or make it the way you want. The community takes things like repeaters, wire, mine carts, water, TNT, circuits and much, much more and makes unimaginable things. Such as working clocks, adders, traps, locks, art and some much more. Mine Craft appeals to almost everyone. No matter what you like Mine Craft is an outlet.

Mine Craft is an ever expanding world for you to shape. A world limited only by your imagination and the time you’re willing to put in to it. Hopefully you will come and join us.

It starts like this

Here are some simple and fancy homes



Mine Craft website

SeaNanners He does let's plays some times.

scjoiner / Stephen He makes some of the coolist things on Mine Craft.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Paintballing With FPS Russia

Recently I had the chance to meet Kyle (aka RPS Russia) and Kitty, both of which are well know youtubers. At first I was understandably nervous at the idea of meeting such a famous and admired people . But in the end the whole day surpassed my expectations. Both Kyle and Kitty were willing to talk, take pictures, and hang out with anyone who wanted to. I’m a bit surprised that the two of them came so far to do something like this. Kitty lives in Hawaii and I think that Kyle lives in New York. They both had their own paint ball equipment, and they definitely had the skills to match . The one weird thing I that could never get over was Kyle’s voice, if you’re familiar with his FPS Russia videos than you know he has a Russian accent. But in real life he has a normal voice.

The event was held at CPX Sports which is one of the best collections of paint ball and air soft felids in the area. This was my first time playing paint ball and I’ve been told that paint balls hurt, and those people weren’t lying. At long range or if they hit you the right way they don’t hurt. But if you get hit at close range or get hit in the head, neck, hands and most other places it’s going to hurt. We played four games, which for the most part consisted on two rounds; and played on a different map each time. There are 20 fields in all.

I’m glad that they were both so nice and I had a great time!

FPS Russia-
Paint Ball Kitty-
CPX Sports-